Selection of technology standardization mode for libraries based on game theory

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Purpose: Internet of Things (IoT), a strategic emerging industry, has brought a new driving force to the global economic growth, as well as an effective solution to break the barrier of economic development. However, standards system of IoT is not yet mature, existing obvious overlapping and even conflicting standards, and enterprises lack mature technology standardization model, which severely restricts the structural upgrading and development of IoT. The paper aims to discuss these issues. Design/methodology/approach: In this regard, this study combs the research context of the IoT, technology standardization and competition behavior, and analyze technology standardization models of IoT by combining theory with practice. Using game theory and profit function, this paper analyzes the selection mechanism of standardization model of IoT enterprises, and explores practical application of these models using competitive behavior theory. Findings: First, in the process of standardization, technology standardization model n enterprises is not single, nor is it immutable. Second, the trend of internationalization of technical standards is becoming more and more obvious. Third, if LoT enterprises want to achieve their own technology standardization, the corresponding competitive behavior is essential. Fourth, with the change of innovation capability and market forces, the competitive behavior of enterprises should be improved accordingly to better adapt to the changes of internal and external environment and ensure the realization of the standardization of enterprises. Fifth, if IoT attempts to achieve the same globalization as the internet, there must be a set of support systems. Originality/value: Finally, some suggestions are given for the future development in the field of IoT. This study will provide some theoretical support for promoting the development of standards and enhancing the competitiveness of IoT enterprises.

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