An IoT-based risk warning system for smart libraries

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Library Hi Tech


Purpose: When integrating smart elements offered by emergent technologies, libraries are facing the challenges of technological renovation and maintaining their operation using emerging technology. Given the importance of smart library, new technologies are needed in building new libraries or renovation of existing libraries. The purpose of this paper is to propose a risk warning system for library construction or renovation in the aspect of risk management. Design/methodology/approach: The proposed Internet of Things (IoT)-based system consists of sensors that automatically monitor the status of materials, equipment and construction activities in real time. AI techniques including case-based reasoning and fuzzy sets are applied. Findings: The proposed system can easily track material flow and visualize construction processes. The experiment shows that the proposed system can effectively detect, monitor and manage risks in construction projects including library construction. Originality/value: Compared with existing risk warning systems, the proposed IoT-based system requires less data for making dynamic predictions. The proposed system can be applied to new builds and renovation of libraries.

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