Factors affecting the information overload at an managerial level

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Revista de Ciencias Sociales


The main purpose of this article is to analyze the factors affecting the information overload of the directors. The overload refers to the perception experienced by an individual about its incapability to manage the information needed to execute their work. After a literature revision, hypothesis related to the information volume, the number of information transactions and the quantity of knowledge on business processes necessary are presented. Subsequently, employing the data of 76 Spanish directives, a structural equations model based on Partial least squares (PLS) that allows to test the hypothesis is validated. As a result, it is obtained that, contrary to what one would expect at a managerial level, is the transactions number and not the information volume the most influent factor in the information overload. The final conclusion and contribution of the study is explaining the relevance of the information transactions number as a main factor affecting the information overload at an executive level.

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