Gold nanorods: Controllable growth methods for device applications

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Advances in Nanotechnology


The shapes of gold nanoparticles greatly influence their optical and electronic properties. The shape of a gold Nanorods (NRs) is defined by its aspect ratio (AR, length/diameter). Localized surface plasmons (SP) are standing waves of coherent fluctuations of electron charges along the metal-dielectric boundary. As the AR of the gold NRs increases, the energy separation between the two SP resonance peaks increases. Different wet chemical methods to control the AR of the gold NRs were presented. Better filtration and purification methods were employed to improve the yield of gold NRs. For this centrifugation of low-AR gold NRs were used to separate the spherical nanoparticles from the gold NR solution. A combination of centrifugation and partial dissolution, using a reducing agent for shape separation in the case of high-AR gold NRs were used to improve the overall yield of the NRs in the growth solution. Various characterization methods i.e., microscopy and spectroscopy post synthesis of gold NRs were presented to determine the AR and LSP resonance. These studies on controllable synthesis and better filtration methods of synthesizing gold NRs into a desired shape, might be useful for application in future nanoelectronics and nanodevices.

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