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Doctor of Philosophy in International Business Administration (Ph.D.-IB)

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Mayfield, Jacqueline R.


The concept of workplace spiritualty (WS) has gained importance in the last years. However, most of the research has been qualitative and focused on culture in the United States. The purpose of this study is to expand the understanding of workplace spirituality by conducting an empirical analysis of its impact on employee outcomes such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, turnover intention, and individual innovative behavior in Mexico and the United States. The research model predicts that workplace spirituality will have an effect on all employee outcomes. A total of 304 employees from different industries in Mexico and the US were surveyed. Results from PLS analysis show that workplace spirituality has a positive and significant relationship with all employee outcomes including turnover intention. The latter is different from what was hypothesized, however, a possible explanation is offered. In addition, a test of workplace spirituality perception differences between the two countries was conducted. The result indicates that people from both countries perceive workplace spirituality differently.