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Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction (MS)

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Coronado, Jennifer


“Reading motivation is a contributing factor to the number of English Language Learners (ELL) and economically disadvantaged struggling readers. Parental involvement fosters reading motivation amongst these readers” (Mohr & Amp; Mohr, 2007).The purpose of this research is to examine how reading motivation can be increased through the use of parental involvement and native language books. This study also investigates how parental involvement can be increased through the use of books that are written in their Spanish native language and can be easily used to assist their children. The research questions included are the following: Research Question 1: Will an increase in parental involvement improve reading motivation amongst ELLs/Economically Disadvantaged children? Research Question 2: Will using native language recreational reading books increase parental involvement in ELLs/Economically Disadvantaged children’s daily reading? A quantitative study was designed where two teachers’ classes were purposely selected to participate in the six week intervention. These classes were selected in order to answer the first question in the study. Parents of these participants were also selected as participants that would help answer the second question of the study.