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Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MA)

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Salinas, Gilberto

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Heredia, Roberto

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Muñoz, Monica

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Manganaro, Lynne L.


The purpose of this study was to identify the preferences Hispanic counseling graduate students and professional counselors have for an ideal supervisor. Acculturation and professional experience of participants were compared to their supervisory working alliance and supervisory styles preferences. Participants voluntarily completed a series of questionnaires using an online website: a demographic questionnaire, Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans II Scale 1 (ARSMA II Scale 1), Supervisory Working Alliance Inventory (SWAI) and the Supervisory Styles Inventory (SSI). The results of a series of simple linear regressions showed that Mexican oriented Hispanic supervisees focus on rapport in the supervisory working alliance. It was also found that Mexican oriented Hispanic supervisees preferred client focus in their supervisory working alliance, a factor that could have influenced this outcome was that the majority of participants consisted of Hispanic counseling graduate students. Based on the findings of this study it is important for supervisors working with Hispanics not to neglect the relational aspects of supervision when focusing on task oriented interventions.