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Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MA)

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Salinas, Gilberto

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Garcia, Ediza

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Terrazas, Elizabeth

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Ynalvez, Marcus A.


Understanding Hispanic cultural aspects and their influence on mental health will be crucial to better serve Hispanics (Kouyoumdjian, et al., 2003). Alcohol and drug use disorders have been identified as a major health problem in the U.S. Hispanic population (Vega, Sribney, & Achara-Abrahams, 2003). Regarding substance use, religiosity tends to be a protective factor among Hispanics. Acculturation and acculturative stress have been found as additional factors associated with substance use. Moreover, an individual’s intentions to engage in certain behavior can be defined by their attitudes toward this behavior and their perceived subjective norms regarding such behavior (Lorenzo-Blanco, et al., 2016). This study investigated the impact acculturative stress, religion, and immigrant generation has on substance use attitudes. Data of the current study showed religious commitment to be a protective factor against pro-drug attitudes and acculturative stress as a risk factor of drug risk perception.