Carmen Garcia

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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Broncano, Manuel

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Cantu, Irma L.

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Soto, Gilberto


The following thesis focuses on three representations of the girl-child: the girl-child as a reference to origins, the girl-child functioning as a woman-child, and the girl-child as an embodiment of the uncanny. The three novels that will be analyzed are Mempo Giardinelli’s Luna caliente (1983), Gioconda Belli’s Sofía de los presagios (1990), and Gabriel García Márquez’ Del amor y otros demonios (1994), in which two of the three protagonists are girl-children, while the third must return to her nascent stage to recover her identity. Through her three representations, the girl-child denounces and rejects the Christian and mestizo identity that is imposed on her, and instead opts for one that best represents her: the non-Christian and non-white components of the mestizo identity. The figure of the girl-child is used to represent the Latin-American continent by-large.