Ricardo Cueva

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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Cardona-Lopez, Jose

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Cantu, Irma L.

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Moran, Angela


This thesis is an analysis of the bureaucratic narrative of the Colombian writer José Cardona López. For the analysis of his literary work, I will explore the behavior of the characters; the paraphernalia of the office; as well as the literary tradition that precedes it. This study sets out to revaluate the figure of those denizens of the bureaucratic universe that Cardona Lopez recreates in his fictions. Individuals who toiled and lives in the anonymity of a temple-like office perform the daily ritual that this universe demands. In sum, in this study an approach to the human condition of the bureaucrat is made through the literary work of Cardona López; author who is dedicated to extol the everyday of life.