Sandra Webb

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Master of Arts in English (MA)

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Coronado, Jennifer

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Murphy, Jonathan W


Postmodern short story author and poet, Raymond Carver became known as the American minimalist author. His works are composed of minimalist pieces filled with distanced narration, economy of language, and zero-point endings with limited descriptions-- inviting the reader to construct or complete the narrative beyond the lines within the text. Carver’s works, however, had been heavily edited at the hands of his trusted friend, Gordon Lish. Lines, paragraphs, even entire pages had been removed from the original manuscripts at Lish’s direction leaving only echoes of the author’s creations. A comparison of original, published works with restored manuscripts reveal the differences in pre and post edited styles. Carver’s true literary style shines through, and the editor’s impact on his works reveal the profound minimalist influence left by Gordon Lish.