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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Linn, Diana

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Garza, Sergio

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Martínez-Samos, José A.


Translation is one of the oldest professions in the history of humanity. Without it, it would be impossible to access other civilizations historical, social, and cultural records. The most translated text worldwide is the Bible. One of the literary genres that has not received much attention is the testimony. This literary genre is important because it provides a voice to those who do not have it. In this thesis, four testimonies from Puentes, a Mexican-Chicano journal of literature, culture, and art, are translated into Spanish. Besides the translations, this thesis addresses the history of translation and the testimony as a literary genre. A translation oriented analysis for each of the testimonies studies the methods and procedures applied. Likewise, the challenges and obstacles faced by the translator are explained.