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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Norris, Lola O.

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Norris, Lola O.

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Broncano, Manuel

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Cantú, Irma L.

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Martínez-Samos, José Agustín


Translation is an art and a craft that can be improved with practice and by critically reflecting on the process. In addition, the analysis of translation contributes to the development of theory. This thesis presents a translation and its analysis of the techniques applied during the process. Three fragments of Keith Bowden’s (2007) book The Tecate Journals: Seventy Days on the Rio Grande were translated. Bowden offers a chronicle of what he experienced while boating down the Rio Grande along the Mexican-American border. It is a book aimed primarily at the rafting and adventure sports enthusiasts. However, it also deals with a variety of issues such as river pollution, drug trafficking, and the overall conditions of those living on its banks. The author offers a different perspective of the river. The translation of these fragments offers the Spanish-speaking audience an opportunity to explore this important waterway in a way that has never been done before. The analysis of the translation identifies some of the challenges the translator faced during the process and explains the different translation techniques applied to overcome them, all informed by the theory found in translation manual.