Publication Date

Fall 12-1-2023

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Master of Arts in History & Political Thought, History Concentration (MA)



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Dr. Jerry Thompson

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Dr. Deborah Blackwell

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Dr. Donovan Weight

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Dr. Alfonso Vergaray


Dorothy Fuldheim is a significant figure in American history. A local legend of news broadcasting in Cleveland, Ohio, Fuldheim wrote and broadcasted exceptional commentaries that demanded the attention of her audience. Her evolving style caught the attention of many across the United States, eventually making her a nationally recognized journalist. Little scholarship has been written on Fuldheim and her contributions to the fields of history, allowing this thesis to lead the way in analyzing her life and work. The primary purpose of this thesis is to use Dorothy Fuldheim as a window to contextualize the events at Kent State University and United States foreign policy related to the Vietnam War while prioritizing Fuldheim as a multifaceted individual that defies simple classification. Breaking through the gender barriers of the time, Fuldheim’s thought-provoking and controversial approach to her craft paved the way for other women in journalism to lead successful careers. Overall, this thesis seeks to establish a connection between Fuldheim’s contributions as a female American news media icon and her writings to the field of history.