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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Norris, Lola O.

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Norris, Lola O.

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Broncano, Manuel

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Dean, John Emory

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Olivas, Aaron A.


This thesis encompasses an English translation of six short stories from the collection titled La venganza de los aztecas (mitos y profecias) [The Vengeance of the Aztecas (Myths and Prophecies)] by Juan Maya Avila. Each of the stories can be read to entertain the reader but also to gain insight into many interesting aspects of Mexican history as historical events and people have been fictionalized. The thesis, however, does not provide a literary analysis of the stories, but rather a translation analysis of the challenges faced by the translator during the translation of the six stories. In addition to the translation and analysis, the translator's methodology, a summary of the history of translation, and translation theories relevant to the translation are included. The translation of a literary work involves countless revisions, corrections, and alternate decisions as part of the translation exercise. Despite this effort, numerous challenges can arise for the translator as they did in this instance for this thesis. Issues as varied as translating the humor of the author's culture, ambiguities in the source language, and how exactly untranslateables fit into the translation vexed the translator. The author has supplied his artistry to the work. It is the translator's job to re-create the text in another language and to provide accessibility to the readers who do not know the author's language but would still like to be able to enjoy his work. These stories stem from Juan Maya Avila's language and culture; therefore, to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the author's culture, his beliefs, and his short stories, it is important to incorporate a short biography of the author as well.