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Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

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Cantú, Irma L.


The following thesis focuses on the study of Georges Bataille’s theories on eroticism through two Mexican novels. The analysis of Mexican author Salvador Elizondo’s Farabeuf (1965) will center in the relationship between the rite/sacrifice of the female protagonist to satisfy the male protagonist’s sexual desires. In addition, it will focus on the development of a mise-en-scène through the male protagonist manipulation of the female character. In the second one, Mexican-Peruvian Mario Bellatin’s Salón de belleza (1994), the analysis will try to explore how the protagonist, a male barber, will convert his beauty salon into a type of sanatorium where young men, infected with a strange virus, seek refuge. In each of these novels, as the analysis will explore, the protagonists will be obsessed with the witnessing and experience of death.