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Master of Arts in Sociology (MA)

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Kilburn, John C.

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Ynalvez, Marcus A.

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Haruna, Peter Fuseini


Music education has and continues to become a constant issue in the cultural aspect and views of the educational system. How does music play a factor in our educational system? This thesis investigates the influence of how music plays in an individual’s educational development. Research has shown that while students in high school who participated in a music program, had significant increases in how they achieved academically in school, with this, students may also have the chance of excelling in their academics while attending a college or university. In this study, I measured the academic excellence amongst several social demographic factors including those students who were involved in a musical performing arts program in high school compared to those who were not. What was learned through this research was that there is a strong significance in the male population of musicians in their college academics. Through showing the importance of music education, this research highlights the significance of music participation and evolution of social skills and academics through the action of music.