Global Media Journal México


This study examines media events from the perspective of geo-cultural markets by analyzing the media frames used during print media coverage of the Chilean mining disaster of 2010 in newspapers from Chile, Mexico and Spain. The paper assesses the narratives, dynamics and perspectives in two main frames- love and heroes-To further our understanding of framing strategies in the Hispanic geo-cultural market by addressing how geo-cultural markets can reinforce, localize or transcend frameworks or differ internally. The aim is to problematize the apparent standardization of geo-cultural markets and to analyze their differential occurrence in framing, identifying correlations and dissimilarities among representations of the mining accident in the three nations. In addition, the research highlights the variables within each frame and their association with cultural features of the Global South, rendering the concept of framing more adaptable and flexible. Finally, the paper demonstrates that frames of affection and emotion were highly influential in turning the Chilean mining disaster into a medium event.