E-Collaboration issues in global trade, transactions, and practices

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European Journal of Scientific Research


E-collaboration goes beyond ordinary buying and selling activities. It includes information sharing and integration, decision-making, as well as process and resource allocation among people and organizations via the Internet, e-mail, web, video, and wireless devices to achieve optimal productivity and high performance. It promotes international commerce, expands trade, and facilitates financial transactions through electronic media. Even though paper transactions are now a thing of the past, most legal documents, attestations, and affidavits are still done in paper form. This paper summarizes issues involved in e-collaboration with regard to trade such as time, currency, e-transactions, tracking, security, fault tolerance, and process models. Finding effective solutions for these problems as well as identifying opportunities and challenges provides a pivotal task in facilitating, promoting, and expanding international and local trade as this summary entails. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2009.

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