Prity Patel

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Doctor of Philosophy in International Business Administration (Ph.D.-IB)

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Mayfield, Milton R.

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Prieto, Leonel

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Ma, Qing


This dissertation examines the correlation between gender diversity on boards of directors in US companies and the human resource procedures that are in place. The findings reveal that a higher ratio of women on boards of directors is associated with workplaces that are more accommodating of women, minorities and lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBTs). Furthermore, organizations that have a higher percentage of female board members typically have more women among the top five paid executives, lower pay disparity between male and female executives, and are more likely to promote minority employees. These organizations are also characterized by a work environment that takes into consideration the importance of work-life balance. The key finding of this study is that the presence of females on a board of directors can ultimately serve to foster a more compassionate work culture.