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Master of Arts in History & Political Thought, History Concentration (MA)

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Thompson, Jerry D.

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Hazelton, Andrew J.

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Vergaray, Alfonso R.


This thesis analyzes the Irish and Tejano Tories of the Texas Revolution from a military perspective. Emphasizing ideas of historical tradition and heritage, this work examines the Tories as continuations of the Wild Geese, soldados de cuera, and compañías volantes. This is done through an examination of Irish and Tejano Tory motivation in supporting Mexico and military participation in the Texas Revolution. This work also examines ideas of economic opportunity, social acceptance, personal conservatism, distrust of foreign settlement, and fear of invasion or reprisal as factors in Toryism or loyalism. Militarily, this thesis examines Tory military roles alongside Mexican forces as continuations of their historical predecessors. This work contributes to Texas and borderlands history through its focus on the conduct of the Texas Revolution and ideas of negotiable loyalty within a borderland.