Submissions from 2020

Character Evidence, Mediocrity, and Walter Scott’s Advocate-Narrator, Adam Kozaczka

Scott, Godwin, and the Casuistry of Romantic Individualism: Politics, Legal Dysfunction, and Social Inequality, Adam Kozaczka

Suffering, consent, and coercion in Uganda: The luwero war, 1981–1986, Abigail Meert

A literary history of mental captivity in the United States: Blood meridian, wise blood, and contemporary political discourse, Manuel Broncano Rodríguez

Submissions from 2019

Playing politics with the youth: Aga khan iii’s use of colonial education and the ismaili girl guide movement in British colonial Tanganyika, 1920–1940, Alia Paroo

Submissions from 2017

Los adioses (1954) de Juan Carlos Onetti: procedimientos para alcanzar la sugerencia y el énfasis en el significado como nouvelle, José Cardona-López

Submissions from 2015

The royal red-headed variant: The Prisoner of Zenda and the 1893 Heredity debates, Paul J. Niemeyer

Submissions from 2014

Malinche as cinderellatl: Sweeping female agency in search of a global readership, Irma Cantú

Brave Christian soldiers: The New Mexico territorial militia in the civil war, Jerry D. Thompson

Submissions from 2013

"We are all Serafina's children": Racial landscapes in Rudolfo Anaya, Manuel Broncano

Liberal imperialism: Emerson and the fate of reading in America, Jonathan Murphy

Hardy and the cinema: ‘A plethoric growth in knowledge’, Paul J. Niemeyer

Submissions from 2010

The maternalist politics of road construction at pine mountain settlement school, 1900-1935, Deborah L. Blackwell

Hardy and the cinema: 'A plethoric growth in knowledge', Paul J. Niemeyer

Submissions from 2009

An unrecognizable state of war: Confronting the Irish insurgency, 1918-1921, Stephen Duffy

Bean farmers and thunder mugs: Russell Lee's 1940 farm security administration photographs and letters of Pie town and Catron county, Jerry Thompson

Submissions from 2008

Presentación, José J. Cardona-López