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Analysis of a dg method for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problems
Runchang Lin, Xiu Ye, Shangyou Zhang, and Peng Zhu


Features of building scholars’ summer research weeks towards student retention and graduation
Rohitha Goonatilake, Sofia C. Maldonado, and Maria de Lourdes Viloria


Biglycan and chondroitin sulfate play pivotal roles in bone toughness via retaining bound water in bone mineral matrix
Rui Hua, Qingwen Ni, Travis D. Eliason, Yan Han, Sumin Gu, Daniel P. Nicolella, Xiaodu Wang, and Jean X. Jiang


Poly(pyridinium salt)s with organic counterions derived from an aromatic diamine containing oxyethylene unit exhibiting amphotropic liquid-crystalline and photoluminescence properties
Pradip K. Bhowmik, Haesook Han, Alexi K. Nedeltchev, Hari D. Mandal, Jose A. Jimenez-Hernandez, and Patrick M. McGannon


Synthesis and characterisation of thermotropic liquid-crystalline properties of azomethine dimers
Pradip K. Bhowmik, Haesook Han, Alexi K. Nedeltchev, Hari D. Mandal, Jose A. Jimenez-Hernandez, Patrick M. McGannon, Leonardo Lopez, Shin Woong Kang, and Satyendra Kumar


Passive restoration potential of riparian areas invaded by giant reed (arundo donax) in Texas
Alexis E. Racelis, Amede Rubio, Thomas Vaughan, and John A. Goolsby


Bridging antimony knowledge gaps by assessing its behavior in a semi arid creek
Jessica L. Ruiz, Jianhong Ren, Thomas C. Vaughan, G. Christopher Shank, and Alfred Addo-Mensah


Complete basis set limits of local second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory
Kameron R. Jorgensen, Vinay V. Ramasesh, Sonja Hannibal, Nathan J. Deyonker, and Angela K. Wilson


Evaluation of antibacterial activity of Artemisia vulgaris extracts
A. Addo-Mensah, G. Garcia, I. A. Maldonado, E. Anaya, G. Cadena, and L. G. Lee


Differential toxicity and venom gland gene expression in Centruroides vittatus
Thomas McElroy, C. Neal McReynolds, Alyssa Gulledge, Kelci R. Knight, Whitney E. Smith, and Eric A. Albrecht


Spatial ecology and habitat utilization of American alligators in an urban-influenced ecosystem
Cord B. Eversole, Scott E. Henke, David B. Wester, Bart M. Ballard, Randy L. Powell, and Selma Glasscock

*Updated as of 01/27/22.