Submissions from 2019

Response to Comment on “Dye-sensitized solar cells using Aloe Vera and Cladode of Cactus extracts as natural sensitizers”, Deepak Ganta and R. Villanueva

Influence of a Wellness Course on Meaning-in-Life and Anxiety of Counselors-in-Training, Trace Pirtle, Xuesong Wang, Randel Brown, and Hanna L. Lainas

Local to global service-learning: A two-hour volunteer experience in global citizenship, Elizabeth R. Sanmiguel, Alexandra Reyes, Dwight Ike Burns, and Tonya Huber

Culturally responsive leadership practices: a principal’s reflection, Maria de Lourdes Viloria

The Voices of Six Third-Generation Mexican American Teachers: Implications for Teacher Education Programs, Maria de Lourdes Viloria

Submissions from 2018

“What a Wonderful World”: Effective Instructional Strategies to Promote Engaged Learning with Maps in K–12 Classrooms, J. Elizabeth Casey, Lisa K. Pennington, and Puneet Gill

Lines, roamers, and squares: Oh my! using floor robots to enhance Hispanic students’ understanding of programming, J. Elizabeth Casey, Puneet Gill, Lisa Pennington, and Selina V. Mireles

Preparing globally competent educators through critically engaging in service-learning, Tonya Huber, Elizabeth R. Sanmiguel, Lorena P. Cestou, and Mayra L. Hernandez

Physical Education Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions About Preparation for Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs, Ja Youn Kwon, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Hans van der Mars, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, and Jason Norris

The role of teacher educators in developing and disseminating global citizenship education strategies in and beyond US learning environments, James G. O’Meara, Tonya Huber, and Elizabeth R. Sanmiguel

Submissions from 2017

Long-term english language learners' educational experiences in the context of high-stakes accountability, Won Gyoung Kim

Employment probability of college graduates: The role of college and student factors, Insik Min and Won Gyoung Kim

Submissions from 2016

Controversial Conversations in Science: Incorporating the Science “Sex Box”, Puneet Gill

Submissions from 2015

Science teachers’ decision-making in Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage (AOUM) classrooms: taboo subjects and discourses of sex and sexuality in classroom settings, Puneet Singh Gill

Submissions from 2014

Long-term English language learners’ perceptions of their language and academic learning experiences, Won Gyoung Kim and Shernaz B. García

Submissions from 2013

Looking back: Reasoning and metacognition with narrative texts, Bridget A. Franks, David J. Therriault, Miriam I. Buhr, Evelyn S. Chiang, Claire M. Gonzalez, Heekyung K. Kwon, Jenni L. Schelble, and Xuesong Wang

Submissions from 2012

The accuracy of metacomprehension judgments: The biasing effect of text order, Tracy Linderholm, Xuesong Wang, David Therriault, Qin Zhao, and Laura Jakiel

Submissions from 2008

Beliefs of professional and family caregivers about the sexuality of individuals with intellectual disabilities: Examining beliefs using a Qmethodology approach, Randel D. Brown and Trace Pirtle