Submissions from 2020

A bittersweet experience! The effect of mixed emotions on business tourists’ revisit intentions, Nan Bi, Cheng Yue Yin, and Yong Chen

A survey on industrial information integration 2016–2019, Yong Chen

Technology entrepreneurship of large state-owned firms in emerging economies, Jing Ge, Hongxia Sun, and Yong Chen

A material delivery system built on Internet of Things and the role of libraries, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang, Yong Chen, and Mingli Yu

Technology standardization, competitive behavior, and enterprises’ performance of innovation: A conceptual model, Hong Jiang, Wentao Liu, Shukuan Zhao, and Yong Chen

Enterprises' network structure and their technology standardization capability in Industry 4.0, Hong Jiang, Shuyu Sun, Hongtao Xu, Shukuan Zhao, and Yong Chen

Selection of technology standardization mode for libraries based on game theory, Hong Jiang, Hongtao Xu, Shukuan Zhao, and Yong Chen

A paradigm of safety management in Industry 4.0, Zimei Liu, Kefan Xie, Ling Li, and Yong Chen

Rollover risk and managerial cost adjustment decisions, Wulung Li and Kenneth Zheng

Innovation matters: creative environment, absenteeism, and job satisfaction, Milton Mayfield, Jacqueline Mayfield, and Kathy Qing Ma

The effect of changing fiscal year-ends on audit fees and audit quality, Angel Arturo Pacheco Paredes and Clark Wheatley

Intelligent manufacturing in industry 4.0: A case study of Sany heavy industry, Siqing Shan, Xin Wen, Yigang Wei, Zijin Wang, and Yong Chen

Smart factory in Industry 4.0, Zhan Shi, Yongping Xie, Wei Xue, Yong Chen, Liuliu Fu, and Xiaobo Xu

How Does Perceived Integrity in Leadership Matter to Firms in a Transitional Economy?, Yinghong Susan Wei, Hugh O’Neill, and Nan Zhou

An Internet of Things based material delivery model for disaster management in libraries, Jianliang Yang, Hanping Hou, Yong Chen, and Lu Han

Equity premium prediction and optimal portfolio decision with Bagging, Anwen Yin

You exist in my song! How a destination-related popular song enhances destination image and visit intentions, Cheng Yue Yin, Nan Bi, and Yong Chen

Submissions from 2019

CEO career concerns and expectations management, Elio Alfonso, Li Zheng Brooks, Andrey Simonov, and Joseph H. Zhang

A unified view of parallel machine scheduling with interdependent processing rates, Bahram Alidaee, Haibo Wang, R. Bryan Kethley, and Frank Landram

Corporate social responsibility risk and auditor–client retention, Li (Lily) Zheng Brooks, Sue Gill, and Bernard Wong-On-Wing

CEO/CFO resignations and the market’s reaction to violations of the foreign corruption practices act, Jui Chin Chang

Association between managerial stock ownership and firm efficiency, Ju Ryum Chung, Moon Kyung Cho, and Ho Young Lee

Do Reticent Managers Misreport Data during Firm Surveys? Cross-Checking Reticent Managers’ Answers with Other Information, George R.G. Clarke

Is corruption a greater burden for registered MSEs? Evidence from Zambia, George R.G. Clarke

Complex Network of Aviation E-Services in the Belt and Road Initiative: A Heuristic Study of Small Data based on Block Modeling, Da Huo, Rihui Ouyang, Baowen Sun, Liping Wei, Ken Hung, and Haibo Wang

Formation of cross-border corporate strategic alliances: The roles of trust and cultural, institutional, and geographical distances, Anand Jha, Young Jun Kim, and Sandra Gutierrez-Wirsching


The effect of R & D and the control-ownership wedge on firm value: Evidence from Korean Chaebol Firms, Minjung Kang, Sangil Kim, and Moon Kyung Cho

Factor-based structural equation modelling: Going beyond PLS and composites, Ned Kock

From composites to factors: Bridging the gap between PLS and covariance-based structural equation modelling, Ned Kock

Empathetic Leadership: How Leader Emotional Support and Understanding Influences Follower Performance, Ned Kock, Milton Mayfield, Jacqueline Mayfield, Shaun Sexton, and Lina M. De La Garza

Trait expression through perceived job characteristics: A meta-analytic path model linking personality and job attitudes, Alex L. Rubenstein, Yiwen Zhang, Kathy Ma, Hayley M. Morrison, and David F. Jorgensen

An effective multi-wave algorithm for solving the max-mean dispersion problem, Jiawei Song, Yang Wang, Haibo Wang, Qinghua Wu, and Abraham P. Punnen

Effective heuristic for large-scale unrelated parallel machines scheduling problems, Haibo Wang and Bahram Alidaee

The multi-floor cross-dock door assignment problem: Rising challenges for the new trend in logistics industry, Haibo Wang and Bahram Alidaee

Does “Being There” Matter? The Impact of Web-Based and Virtual World's Shopping Experiences on Consumer Purchase Attitudes, Elizabeth White Baker, Geoffrey S. Hubona, and Mark Srite

The effect of cause-related marketing on firm value: a look at Fortune’s most admired all-stars, Parker J. Woodroof, George D. Deitz, Katharine M. Howie, and Robert D. Evans

An IoT-based risk warning system for smart libraries, Yi Xie, Jia Liu, Shufan Zhu, Dazhi Chong, Hui Shi, and Yong Chen

Out-of-sample equity premium prediction in the presence of structural breaks, Anwen Yin

Submissions from 2018

Computational experiment of critical event tabu search for the general integer multidimensional knapsack problem, Bahram Alidaee, Vijay P. Ramalingam, Haibo Wang, and Bryan Kethley

Is Fraud Contagious? Coworker Influence on Misconduct by Financial Advisors, Stephen G. Dimmock, William C. Gerken, and Nathaniel P. Graham


Perceptions of Corruption: An Empirical Study Controlling for Survey Bias, Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Eva Selenko, and George Clarke

Organizational, technological and extrinsic factors in the implementation of cloud ERP in SMEs, Shivam Gupta, Subhas C. Misra, Ned Kock, and David Roubaud

Variable selection in classification model via quadratic programming, Jun Huang, Haibo Wang, and Wei Wang

Country of origin and online promotion in cross-border e-business: A study of consumer behavior for quality management, Da Huo, Ken Hung, Haibo Wang, and Xu Xiaoli

Should bootstrapping be used in pls-sem? Toward stable p-value calculation methods, Ned Kock

Single missing data imputation in PLS-based structural equation modeling, Ned Kock

Minimum sample size estimation in PLS-SEM: The inverse square root and gamma-exponential methods, Ned Kock and Pierre Hadaya

Do older programmers perform as well as young ones? Exploring the intermediate effects of stress and programming experience, Ned Kock, Murad Moqbel, Yusun Jung, and Thant Syn

Keep them on-board! How organizations can develop employee embeddedness to increase employee retention, Qing Kathy Ma, Milton Mayfield, and Jacqueline Mayfield

Unveiling the dark side of social networking sites: Personal and work-related consequences of social networking site addiction, Murad Moqbel and Ned Kock

Unrelated Parallel Machine Selection and Job Scheduling with the Objective of Minimizing Total Workload and Machine Fixed Costs, Haibo Wang and Bahram Alidaee

An empirical study on the factors influencing mobile library usage in IoT era, Xiwei Wang, Jiaxing Li, Mengqing Yang, Yong Chen, and Xiaobo Xu

Leadership style and innovation atmosphere in enterprises: An empirical study, Yongping Xie, Wei Xue, Ling Li, Anmin Wang, Yong Chen, Qianlin Zheng, Yayun Wang, and Xinjuan Li

Submissions from 2017

Simple and fast novel diversification approach for the UBQP based on sequential improvement local search, Bahram Alidaee, Hugh Sloan, and Haibo Wang

Differentiating the impact of CSR strengths and concerns on firm performance: An investigation of MNEs and US domestic firms, Albi Alikaj, Cau Ngoc Nguyen, and Efrain Medina

Digital native or digital immigrant? Using intraorganizational resources to develop technological competence among older employees, Robert D. Evans

Investigating e-business models’ value retention for start-ups: The moderating role of venture capital investment intensity, Liang Guo, Susan Yinghon Wei, Ruchi Sharma, and Ke Rong

A data analytics framework for key financial factors, Jun Huang and Haibo Wang

Distressed Chinese firm prediction with discretized data, Jun Huang, Haibo Wang, and Gary Kochenberger

Common method bias: A full collinearity assessmentmethod for PLS-SEM, Ned Kock

Going beyond composites: Conducting a factor-based PLS-SEM analysis, Ned Kock

How likely is Simpson's paradox in path models?, Ned Kock

Structural equation modeling with factors and composites: A comparison of four methods, Ned Kock

Which is the best way to measure job performance: Self-perceptions or official supervisor evaluations?, Ned Kock

Positivist Information Systems Action Research: Methodological Issues, Ned Kock, David Avison, and Julien Malaurent

Intended continued use social networking sites: Effects on job satisfaction and performance, Ned Kock, Ned Kock, Ned Kock, and Valerie Bartelt

Product market competition and cost stickiness, Wu Lung Li and Kenneth Zheng

E-collaboration at Celadon trucking services, Leiza Nochebuena-Evans and Lina M. De La Garza

The timing of auditor hiring: Determinants and consequences, Angel Arturo Pacheco-Paredes, Dasaratha V. Rama, and Clark M. Wheatley

Real earnings management or “just business”, Angel Arturo Pacheco Paredes and Clark Wheatley

The effects of community factors on residents’ perceptions toward World Heritage Site inscription and sustainable tourism development, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Mastura Jaafar, Ned Kock, and A. Ghafar Ahmad

The control-Ownership wedge and corporate social responsibility: Evidence from Korean business groups (Chaebols), Hae Young Ryu, Soo Joon Chae, and Moon Kyung Cho

The influence of earnings management and bank structure on bank performance: International evidence, Nacasius U. Ujah, Jorge Brusa, and Collins E. Okafor

Submissions from 2016

Reputation and regulation effects on director turnover and change of directorships, Jui Chin Chang and Huey Lian Sun

The role of co-worker and supervisor support on job burnout and job satisfaction, Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol, Murad Moqbel, and Sandra Gutierrez-Wirsching

Business environment, economic agglomeration and job creation around the world, George Clarke, Yue Li, and Lixin Colin Xu

Performance metric optimization advocates CPFR in supply chains: A system dynamics model based study, Balaji Janamanchi and James R. Burns

Advantages of nonlinear over segmentation analyses in path models, Ned Kock

Hypothesis testing with confidence intervals and P values in PLS-SEM, Ned Kock

Non-normality propagation among latent variables and indicators in PLS-SEM simulations, Ned Kock

Surprise-enhanced and technology-mediated learning: a two-country study, Ned Kock and Ruth Chatelain-Jardón

Wikipedia and e-collaboration research: Opportunities and challenges, Ned Kock, Yusun Jung, and Thant Syn

A six-stage framework for evolutionary IS research using path models: Conceptual development and a social networking illustration, Ned Kock and Murad Moqbel

Statistical power with respect to true sample and true population paths: A PLS-based SEM illustration, Ned Kock and Murad Moqbel

E-Collaboration at celadon trucking services, Leiza Nochebuena-Evans and Lina M.La De Garza

Controlling shareholders' ownership structure, foreign investors' monitoring, and investment efficiency, Hyun Young Park, Soo Joon Chae, and Moon Kyung Cho

An ejection chain approach for the quadratic multiple knapsack problem, Bo Peng, Mengqi Liu, Zhipeng Lü, Gary Kochengber, and Haibo Wang

Submissions from 2015

Do indirect questions reduce lying about corruption? Evidence from a quasi-field experiment, George R.G. Clarke, Klaus S. Friesenbichler, and Michael Wong

The Internet as a general-purpose technology: Firm-level evidence from around the world, George R.G. Clarke, Christine Zhenwei Qiang, and Lixin Colin Xu

Value Creation Through Social Strategy, Bryan W. Husted, David Bruce Allen, and Ned Kock

Exact solutions to generalized vertex covering problems: a comparison of two models, Gary Kochenberger, Mark Lewis, Fred Glover, and Haibo Wang

A note on how to conduct a factor-based PLS-SEM analysis, Ned Kock

Common method bias in PLS-SEM: A full collinearity assessment approach, Ned Kock

How likely is Simpson's paradox in path models?, Ned Kock

One-tailed or two-tailed P values in PLS-SEM?, Ned Kock

Wheat flour versus rice consumption and vascular diseases: Evidence from the China study II data, Ned Kock

Media Naturalness and Compensatory Adaptation: Counterintuitive Effects on Correct Rejections of Deceitful Contract Clauses, Ned Kock, Jesus Carmona, and Murad Moqbel

The delicate balance for jointly pursuing economic growth in Latin America and China, Jaime Ortiz, Haibo Wang, and Da Huo

Factors affecting the information overload at an managerial level, Antonio Padilla-Meléndez, Ned Kock, and Ana Rosa Del-Águila-Obra